About Johnny Gio's

Who is Johnny Gio?

Some think he is a made guy, some say that he’s a boss – Whatever – he’s his own man.

He does things his way – cooks his way, talks his way, there is no highway… he don’t like questions – but trust him, it’ll be good.

Johnny’s the head of his family – and he brings that to everything he does – making sure everyone gets what they need and feels good – especially at the dinner table.

He’s been running pizzas since he was in short pants… But you didn’t hear ‘nothing from me.


Our menu is diner and takeaway, not restaurant fussy – but it is always generous, indulgent, satisfying and fun – our food lets people into the Italian family they fantasized about from TV – and always wished they were part of.

Everything is about achieving the same, consistent standard – because if Johnny Gio does it – he does it right.


Johnny Gio’s is designed to get you in and out with low waiting time, and high engagement.

While we feel modern, cool Italia, there’s always a hat tip to the legacy of Johnny Gio – he brings that extra layer of and fun to the brand and the experience.

The experience is always layered with the spirit of Johnny Gio and ‘la famiglia’ – we know that Johnny was a player, but he loved his family and he made sure all his guests were looked after – even if they come on his daughter’s wedding day.


Read through our google reviews and learn why our customers keep coming back for more.

Great pizza! The base and the toppings are just delicious! the service was really fast, and the staff is friendly and the girl at the counter, which I suppose is the manager, was very friendly and helpful in suggesting to me what to try! 🙂 I will definitely come back!

Elisa Rossi

I have heard amazing things about their pizza. I walked past their new shop in Waterloo everyday! Today we finally had a chance to try it with a group of friends. We are very particular of our pizza choices and they certainly surprised us with the top quality pizza and amazing service! They are certainly the best in the local area.

Christine Liu

This place does the best gluten free pizza in Sydney. The dough is so good that it's difficult to believe it's gluten free - I've had so many people try it and they could not tell that it's gf. The gf option is a bit pricey ($5) but it's so worth it. For me, their best pizza by far is Zaza, just absolutely delicious...

Emma Liliee

Despite coming in a little later on a Monday, as a single, the staff were inviting and generous. Loved my stone fired pizza (or Zaaa as I like to say), my vino and the surprise tiramisu at the end. Thank you chef Elia for the best. Pizza I’ve had in a while and for Agustina for the welcoming service after my trying pottery class.

Justine Wright

Delicious woodfired pizza. Seriously good negronis and real Italian beer. Staff are warm and welcoming. Service is quick and the pizzas are brought to the table straight out of the oven. Excellent chilli oil for the chilli addicts. I've been back quite a few times.

Eric Kranz

As an American living in Sydney, I have been searching for pizza that is actually pizza. I finally found it. Johnny Gio's was absolutely delicious. The crust was crisp and the toppings were great. Highly recommend for anyone from New York/New Jersey looking for some good pizza.

Tara DeLuccia

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